We are pleased to announce the Joint Meeting’s chosen location: Genoa, in the Liguria region, by the sea.

Beautifully set between the Maritime Alps and the Tirreno Sea, Genoa is bursting with life since the times of the Maritime Republics. It is still called Genoa la Superba, the Proud, opposed to Venezia la Serenissima. A port city, a little rough around the edges, with an incomparable heart.

The Conference Venue is the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) of Genoa and well represents the wealth and historical power of one of the most prominent Maritime Republics of the Mediterranean Basin in the Middle Ages.

The pedestrian area around the Palazzo Ducale hosts important historical buildings as well as top-quality hotels within a radius of 200-600 meters. Hence enabling us to recreate a sort of Citadel of science in the heart of the city.
You will get to enjoy a walk through the carrugi, the port – grab some focaccia with caffelatte and don’t mind the mugugno, the grumpy chat of the genovese people.

Genoa is also a gateway to a very nice seaside vacation area, such as Portofino and Cinque Terre (east of Genoa) or the Riviera dei Fiori (westwards), in case you want to take advantage of the mild season for some time off, where we are considering to organise some social activities.

The venue is conveniently located at 10 and 15 minutes’ walk from both Genoa’s railway stations and 15 minutes drive from Genova’s airport.
Free shuttles also drive passengers to one of the main railway stations every 15 minutes.

Periodical updates on the history, culture and traditions of Genoa will be given by email and posted online, thus drawing, step by step, a virtual travel guidebook for the attendees.