Thursday 14th September

Location: The Church Palace Hotel

Welcome Dinner will run continuously from 7:30 p.m. until late hours (approx. 11:00 p.m.) in order to welcome all incoming delegates to take in the first glimpse of the 9th BIC friendly atmosphere and a delicious bite. Come in as you arrive and enjoy.

€ 45,00

Friday 15th September
CONFERENCE DINNER: Rome, crossroads of the world
JOIN the Officinalia et aromatica game

Location: Cloister of Confraternita S. Giovanni Battista de’ Genovesi

For centuries, merchants, pilgrims and men of culture have flocked to the Eternal City, finding accommodation in the city’s monasteries, guesthouses and hospices. It is with this spirit that we offer the guests of the 9th BIC International Conference an unforgettable dinner in Trastevere, inside the cloister of a 15th-century hospice dedicated to the accommodation and care of travellers that was built by the Republic of Genoa to support its fellow citizens visiting Rome.

In this cloister, you will be served a dinner featuring traditional Rome dishes, with each dish celebrating the simple raw ingredients that are cultivated in Rome and its surrounding areas and flavoured with the many traditional herbs that are native to the rich Mediterranean countryside.

Just like in ancient times when hospices had on the premises a “pharmacy” of medicinal herbs, that evening we will recreate this ancient atmosphere and a botanist will explain to guests the different characteristics of the medicinal plants, native to the Mediterranean, and their use in both food and pharmacology.
Transfer provided. Pick up time: 19:30, Church Palace’s lobby. 

€ 70,00

Saturday 16th September

Sunday 17th September

Location: Roman coast close to Castelporziano Presidential Estate

Informal seafood dinner on the beach, 20km away from the hotel on the Roman coast.
The ideal setting for the last BIC team building competition, a beach volley match, and the final BIC competition award ceremony.
Transfer provided from the Church Palace Hotel at 6 p.m.

€ 55,00


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The Church Palace Hotel
Via Aurelia, 481
00165 Rome